How to play casino card game online?

There are lots of online casino card game slots you can find on gambling websites. They attract lots of gamblers due to high engagement level, lucrative bonuses and big wins. There is also a possibility to play with live dealers, which makes it all even more interesting.

If we talk about the best casino card game online, it’s probably blackjack or online poker, which are also included in such a big category as table games. Let’s now learn a bit more about them and find out what are the best slots.

How to play blackjack casino card game online?

It’s more than a simple thing to start gambling, cause blackjack casino card game rules are very easy to learn. Your goal is to get a better hand than dealer. You’ll receive two cards at the beginning and then you’ll be able to draw more.

A perfect combination in blackjack is 21. It can be formed by different number combinations. Each card in the game has its own value. Pictures are equal to 10, numbers are evaluated by their own denomination, while aces may cost whether 1 or 11 points. There is also an interesting rule in blackjack that you can split the hand, in case you’ve got a pair at the beginning of the round. Note that you should double the bet in this case. Each hand will play separately and they’ll both have a chance to win.

You can play casino card game online free in demo. You just have to choose a gambling website and blackjack type. There are such slots available on the web:

  • Vegas Strip;
  • American Blackjack;
  • Double Exposure Blackjack;
  • Perfect Pairs;
  • European Blackjack;
  • Blackjack Switch.

How to play poker casino card game online?

Poker is a very popular casino card game online and you’ll definitely find card poker table on any gambling website. The rules may vary depending on variation, but the general idea is to get a better combination than other players and/or dealer. For example, it can be Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Full House, Straight, Flush, Royal Flush, etc. The best possible hand is Royal Flush. This combination includes 10, Jack, Queen, King and ace of the same suit. The initial bet depends on your choice, but poker rooms may have minimum and maximum bet limits.

You can play casino card game online with live dealer and real players or try one of video poker slot machines. There are lots of poker variations you can choose. Here are some of them:

  1. Texas Hold’Em;
  2. Caribbean Stud Poker;
  3. Omaha casino card game online;
  4. 7-Card Stud;
  5. High/Low Chicago;
  6. Pai Gow Poker.

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